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WomenSpeak fosters a safe, egalitarian environment where students may find an outlet for their concerns by sponsoring speakers and events relating to women’s issues. The organization also helps to raise awareness of issues such as safety on campus, self-inflicted abuse, domestic and sexual violence, and acceptance of people from a wide range of backgrounds. As an essentially feminist organization and volunteer service project, WomenSpeak participates in causes and activities that promote gender equality such as Love Your Body Day, Take Back the Night, the Vagina Monologues, Operation Freefall, Brestival and the Health Fair.

WomenSpeakRepresented Majors:

Creative Writing
English Literature
Graphic Design
International Studies
JournalismPolitical Science
Studio Art

Student Perspective:

"WomenSpeak tries to raise awareness and promote action regarding all gender-related issues. We also raise money in support of specific charities. If you believe men and women should have an equal standing in society and wish to see that dream realized, you are a feminist; and all feminists and/or equality-minded students are welcome in WomenSpeak! We spend hundreds of hours each year volunteering to either benefit specific charities or to raise awareness."

— Becky Jones ‘11
Communications – Journalism | Mechanicsburg, Pa.

Organization Website

Email: womenspeak@susqu.edu

Organization Video

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