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Outdoors Club

Outdoors ClubThe Outdoors Club provides students and other members of the campus community with opportunities to experience the outdoors and engage in outdoor-related activities. The club enhances the physical wellness of its members by teaching the proper techniques involved in camping, hiking, skiing, paintball, kayaking, horseback riding and other activities. The Outdoors Club also organizes trips to national parks and canyons. Past destinations have included Death Valley and Grand Canyon national parks.

Represented Majors:

Earth science
Environmental science

Student Perspective:

“Outdoors Club always has activities that you can attend. It provides an opportunity to meet new people who appreciate being outside. I love making connections with other students on campus who love doing the same things that I do. The club is very open to members’ interests.  If you want to rock climb then we can plan that. If you want to go for a relaxing horseback ride, then we will plan that, too.”

— Nancy Thorp ’11
Ecology  |  Yarmouth, Maine


Email: outdoors@susqu.edu

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