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SU College Democrats

The SU College Democrats is a group for active student Democrats, as well as other students with liberal-leaning political persuasions.  Our organization helps to promote awareness of current issues and Democratic philosophies.

SU College DemocratsRepresented Majors:

Creative Writing
International Relations
Political Science

Student Perspective:

"When I first joined SU Democrats, I had opinions. Everyone has political opinions, regardless of how uninformed or undeveloped they are. However, my time in this club has helped develop those opinions into political statements that I can actually act on. I've met some of the most genuinely wonderful people I've ever known through SU Dems. Whether we are organizing a debate watch party, going off to Washington DC to experience the Inauguration of President Obama, or are simply acting like maniacs during our weekly meetings, I always leave with my face hurting from smiling and laughing too much."

— MaryKate Wust ‘15
English | Norristown, Pa.


Email: sudemocrats@susqu.edu

Organization Video

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