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SU Republicans

Susquehanna University Republicans is a group for those interested in issues represented by the Republican Party. The organization’s main mission is to promote awareness of Republican philosophies and elect Republican officials at the local, state and national levels. SU RepublicansThe group meets weekly and, during the election season, participates in grassroots activities, meets candidates, and holds rallies. During non-election years, SU Republicans spends more time hosting conservative speakers. The organization is part of the College Republican National Committee and the PA Federation of College Republicans.

Represented Majors:

Political Science
Public Relations

Student Perspective:

"The Republican Club is important to me, because politics are vital to everyday life. Many students our age have opinions but do not like associating with parties like Americans used to. Whether you are Democrat or Republican, it is important to have your voice heard. By being a part of this club, I am able to express the opinions of many who do not want to be involved in politics yet want to make sure they are being heard. When it's all said and done, that is what our democracy is about, the people."

--Zachary Mull '16
International Studies-Diplomacy, Political Science | Watsontown, Pa. 

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