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Charlie's Coffeehouse

Charlie's is a student-run, non-alcoholic coffeehouse and entertainment venue.  Its pCharlie's Coffeehouseurpose is to provide a non-alcoholic alternative for students. Entertainment is scheduled for almost every night of the week, free of charge. The programming manager schedules anything from live bands to craft nights. The Charlie's management team works with the Student Activities Committee to show new movies twice a week. Other events include open mic night, karaoke, football games on the big-screen TV and free chicken wings. Charlie's also hosts poetry readings, art shows and student performer nights.

Represented Majors:

Creative Writing

Student Perspective:

"Charlie’s is the type of place where you can walk in a stranger, meet someone you've never even talked to or seen on campus before, and leave as their friend. The coffeehouse is where anyone can come and be welcomed with a friendly smile by the staff that is more than willing to help and serve. Anything to make the customers feel comfortable is top priority among the workers. Get work done, come watch a movie, or just sit and chill with a Crusader Comfort in hand. Charlie’s, in my opinion, is the most comfortable places to be on campus."

Taylor Holloway-Brown '15
English | Bethlehem, Pa.

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