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Alexandra Federico
Assistant Director of Student Activities
Phone: 570-372-4227
Email: federico@susqu.edu
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Photo of Mary F. Markle Mary F. Markle
Office Assistant, Student Activities
CAEM Temporary Office Assistant
Phone: 570-372-4225
Email: marklem@susqu.edu
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Photo of Brent A. Papson Brent A. Papson
Interim Director of Student Activities
Go Program: Hurricane Relief Trip
Phone: 570-372-4360
Email: papson@susqu.edu
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Photo of Pat Wendt Pat Wendt
Office Assistant, Student Activities
Secretary, WQSU
Phone: 570-372-4225
Email: wendtp@susqu.edu
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Photo of Beth Winger Beth Winger
Student Activities Coordinator
Phone: 570-372-4099
Email: bethwinger@susqu.edu
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Dane Zimmerman, Jr
Driver - Student Activities
Email: zimmerman@susqu.edu
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