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Residence Halls

First-year students are housed in four residence halls on campus, each conveniently located within a five- to ten-minute walk from the campus center, academic buildings, library and gym.

Smith Hall
The largest of the three residence halls for first-year students, Smith Hall houses approximately 275 students and is co-ed by room. Smith Hall is generally known as the most active building on campus.

Reed Hall
Reed Hall, which is located next to Smith Hall, houses approximately 150 first-year students. The building is co-ed by floor. The lounge, located centrally in the building, offers space for studying or chatting with friends.

Aikens Hall
Similar in size and style to Reed Hall, Aikens Hall houses both first-year students as well as upperclassmen, separated by wing. The building is also co-ed by floor.

Hassinger Hall
This is the smallest residence hall on campus for first-year students, housing approximately 85 students. The building is co-ed by wing. The atmosphere of this building is cozier and often more quiet than the other residence halls. The English and Creative Writing department is located in the basement of Hassinger Hall.

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