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Men's Rugby Club

Rugby is growing in popularity throughout the country, and at Susquehanna University students are able to experience the game firsthand.  The men’s rugby club provides male students with the opportunity to de-stress and get in shape while playing an organized, enjoyable contact sport with a less intensive schedule. 

Represented Majors:



Jonathan Niles, Ph.D.
Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology
Phone: 570-372-4707

Student Perspective:

"My favorite aspect of rugby is that it is a sport where everyone is playing on different levels of knowledge and experience. Many of the freshmen join the team not knowing a thing about it, and by the time they become seniors, they're the ones that become the teachers. It's this sort of passing of knowledge that makes everyone on the team a little bit closer, because most of us older guys have been in their shoes."

 — Alex Kahle ’13
Accounting | Carlisle, Pa.

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