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History Club

The History Club is dedicated to historical inquiry and sharing an interest in history with other students. Students spend time with activities that bring awareness to history and its importance in our lives. The club takes field trips to historical areas, holds debates, provides a tutoring service for students who need help formulating a historical paper, and organizes movie viewings.

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Student Perspective:

"Being a part of the SU History Club has been a lot of fun and very educational. The History Club hosts several on-campus events, such as the Halloween Party at Trax and raffles. The History Club also has a tutoring program to help students in history courses, and takes multiple trips each year to various historical sights. This year, the club went to Philadelphia to visit Eastern State Penitentiary. Weekly meetings usually include fun history-based games and fun facts (in addition to planning future events and tutoring). Membership is open to any student interested in history, regardless of their major or what type of history they enjoy. I've learned a lot and met a lot of great people though History Club, and had a great time being part of the club!"

Jeremy Hargest '14 
History | Hanover, Pa.


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