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What is SU SERVE?

Held on a Saturday during the spring semester, SU SERVE is a campus-wide service day open to all Susquehanna students,  faculty and staff. SU SERVE dishes up a rewarding combination of hard work and fun.

One of SU SERVE's goals is to unit students, faculty and staff, alumni and parents in a local, regional, national and international day of service. Given the outstanding success of the SU SERVE initiative, the Susquehanna community has decided to extend our previous goal of completing 25,000 hours. The month-long campaign continues throughout the month of April to celebrate the Susquehanna University tradition of service.

Who is able to participate in SU SERVE?

All students are welcome and encouraged to participate in the SU SERVE event, regardless of class year. Faculty, staff and alumni are also invited to participate in the day of service.

What activities will occur during SU SERVE?

During SU SERVE, students, faculty and staff participate in an afternoon of service work at one of more than thirty organizations in the nearby community ranging from planting flowers and painting fences at a community park to assisting a homeless shelter with meal preparation. SU SERVE is an opportunity to engage in the local community for both students and faculty. Following the return to campus, participants enjoy refreshments at a reflection reception.

History of SU SERVE

Susquehanna students have embraced a long-standing tradition of joining together on a day in April to volunteer at sites throughout the local community since 2005. In 2012,  the event grew into Susquehanna Engaging in Regional Volunteer Experiences, a month-long campaign involving the entire Susquehanna community. For 2014, members of the Susquehanna community gave more than 25,000 hours of service to 1,092 organizations!


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