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SU Splash

In the spirit of the university’s commitment to service, this event is a one-week service-learning opportunity for incoming first-year students to be engaged in a directed volunteer project coordinated by The David '69 and Sharon Johnson Center for Civic Engagement.

Twenty students work alongside Susquehanna faculty, staff and upper-level peer mentors. Participants are immersed in service projects and learning activities focused on homelessness, serving people in need in both the Susquehanna neighborhood and Washington, D.C.

Who is able to participate in SU SPLASH?

SU SplashAll incoming first-year students are encouraged to apply for SU SPLASH. First-year students will receive a mailing at the beginning of the summer with information on the SU SPLASH event. Twenty first-year students will be selected to participate in the event.

When does SU SPLASH occur?

SU SPLASH is annually held during the last week of July, from July 26-Aug. 2, running from Sunday through Sunday. Half of the experience will be spent in the Selinsgrove area, while the other half of SU SPLASH will be spent in Washington, D.C. 

What is the cost? What is included?

The cost to participate is $550. This fee covers housing and travel expenses as well as most meals. Participants will need to buy their own lunches for the three days spent in Washington, D.C., and one dinner.

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