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Service Scholars

Service Scholars are motivated students with a strong desire to get involved. They work closely with the Center for Civic Engagement to help coordinate volunteer activities, as well as service learning programs in the earth and environmental sciences, modern languages, and psychology departments.

Each scholar receives an hourly wage and post-service tuition remission ranging from $1,500 to $2,500 based on 700–900 hours of work over the course of two to three years.

Curricular Service Scholar

Amanda George '11

Hometown: Altoona, Pa.
Major: Psychology
Activities: Senior Friends Vice President, Psychology Club Vice President, Alpha Lambda Delta, Resident Assistant

On service:
By participating in service, I have grown as an individual. It is an amazing feeling to realize that an action one person can take will positively influence other individuals. This encourages me to continue providing service for my community and looking for additional opportunities to help others.

How students can make a difference at Susquehanna:
By getting involved in service organizations or participating in service-learning trips, Susquehanna University students can develop a greater understanding of the needs of others. Even by doing the small things, like spending a few hours with a senior citizen, students improve the lives of those in the community. We are in the position to help others, so we should take this opportunity to make a positive impact.

Extracurricular Service Scholar

Stephen Maganzini ’11

Hometown: Wolfeboro, N. H.
Majors: Business, Biology
Activities: Habitat for Humanity, Resident Assistant, Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, Student Government Association Senator, Men's Ice Hockey

On service:
My experiences with service have shown me the enormous disparities that exist in society, and I’ve come to appreciate how fortunate I am to be receiving  a college education.  That I am doing things to help fight disparity and inequality has given me a sense of fulfillment and well being.

How students can make a difference at Susquehanna:
The great thing about Susquehanna is that the range of service projects is so vast that students can find an organization that engages at least one of their interests. Because Susquehanna is a small campus, students find that joining an organization is simple and encouraged, and opportunities to lead service projects are readily available.


Spanish Service Scholar

Katie Williams ’10

Hometown: Westfield, Pa.
Major: Communications – Public Relations, Spanish
Activities: Hispanic Organization for Latino Awareness, Habitat for Humanity

On service:
For me, service provides a feeling of fulfillment. I wish I could adequately describe the sense of worth I feel after seeing a child who I’ve tutored excel on a test, or meeting the family that will move into the house that I’ve helped build; it’s truly unforgettable.

How students can make a difference at Susquehanna:
There are so many opportunities, so many service organizations on campus that provide positive experiences to complement classroom education. Even if you don’t join a group, the opportunities to do good on campus and in local communities are limitless.

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