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About the Health Center

Mission Statement  

Health Center windowIt is the mission of the Health Center staff to provide easily accessible, current, competent, respectful and high quality medical care to the students of Susquehanna University. The students are encouraged to actively participate in self care, healthy lifestyle choices, and decisions in treatment towards healthy outcomes. All interactions are confidential. The staff recognizes that in advocating for a student’s healthy behavior, we are engaged in promoting lifelong wellness.      

Vision Statement  

Building on the strengths of the Health Center, we will….   

  • Provide education tailored to the individual needs to promote healthier lifestyle choices
  • Aid in the development of accurate health related self-assessment and self care skills
  • Enhance and preserve an optimal level of health to support academic and social well-being in campus life
  • Utilize available resources to provide a high level of treatment modalities
  • Contribute to the development of responsible actions towards illness, preventative care and wellness promotion
  • Challenge some present health choices and emphasize positive health practices      

Guiding Values  

We value an optimistic view of others and ourselves.

We value integrity, personal accountability and responsibility.

We value balanced living for health in mind, body and spirit.

We value one’s openness towards personal growth and development.

We value and respect each individual and their health need at the time of presentation to our office.

Susquehanna University Patient's Rights and Responsibilities

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