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About the Counseling Center


We empower the community we serve through collaborative, respectful and inclusive services that bring warmth, caring and expertise to students in an attractive and safe environment.


The Counseling Center strives to promote mental wellness for all students in an effort to maximize potential and enhance academic pursuits. We adhere to the highest standards of ethical practice. The mission of our clinical services is to inspire clients to care for and about themselves, to enhance learning and to empower the opening of possibilities when facing challenges. In our educational, outreach and prevention services, we inspire the Susquehanna community to care for each other, to promote mental health and resilience, and to reduce stigma. The Counseling Center demonstrates a high standard for student care and actively collaborates within the university community.

Eligibility for Services

All undergraduate students are eligible for services. During summer sessions, students must be registered for at least one class or working full time for the university.

Note: The Counseling Center provides very limited individual services during the summer. No emergency services or psychiatric services are available. In the case of an emergency, students should call the Office of Public Safety or proceed to the nearest emergency room.

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