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Self-Help and Self-Assessment

The Counseling Center is an advocate for students learning how to promote good mental health. We have a wide variety of on-line resources, available through mySU. In addition, we encourage students to use our house to relax and re-charge. We invite students to take a few minutes in our massage chair, put their feet up or look through our resource library. We hear we have some of the most comfortable chairs on campus!

Here are some resources and tools at the Counseling Center you can use on your own:

1. Put your feet up and listen to a relaxation tape

2. Play Wild Divine, a computer game that uses biofeedback to teach stress management and mindfulness

3. Check out tips for getting a good night’s sleep

4. Download a sleep assessment quiz

5. Check out a book about managing anxiety, depression, or eating issues

6. Take 10 minutes to ease your sore back in our massage chair

7. Take charge of your mental health and complete an anonymous online screening for depression, anxiety, eating concerns or alcohol use

8. Visit ULifeline, an online resource for suicide prevention, if you have questions concerning a friend

9. Follow the relaxation links on the Counseling Center mySU page to files of deep breathing and other relaxation exercises you can stream or download

10. Like us on Facebook for updates about programs we offer

11. The Student Counseling Virtual Pamphlet Collection includes self-help topics from A to W!

12. Try out one of our "57 Ideas for Self Care and Wellness" on mySU

13. Take time out in September to join us on the lawn in front of Degenstein for Dog Days, a chance to play with SU dogs (Tuesdays from 5 to 6 p.m.) 

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