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Medical Withdrawal or Course Load Reduction

Sometimes an illness or mental condition impacts a student so severely, that either reducing the course load or even withdrawing temporarily from the university may be considered. Vice President for Student Life/Dean of Students Phil Winger is responsible for approving such a withdrawal or reduction.

  1. Complete the Request for Medical Withdrawal or Course Reduction for Medical Reasons form. Take this form to your physician or therapist. If you are seeing someone at the Counseling Center or the Health Center, they can help you complete the form.
  2. Complete a release form, giving your provider permission to disclose information to the Dean. Your provider will provide this form.
  3. Ask your provider to complete the Health/Mental Health Provider Form. Your provider will complete the form and send it, along with your request, to the Dean.
  4. Meet briefly with the Dean to discuss your withdrawal or reduction. The Dean will also discuss any appropriate conditions for returning from leave.
  5. Once the Dean has approved a withdrawal, complete a leave of absence form at the Registrar's Office, and discuss any financial aid issues with the Financial Aid Office. In an emergency, the Dean will be able to facilitate this. In the case of a course load reduction, the Dean will request that the Registrar drop the appropriate course(s). Contact Residence Life regarding moving personal items from the Residence Hall and checking out.

Returning to the University after a Medical Withdrawal

  1. Contact the Dean about your plans as soon as possible.
  2. Generally students who take a medical withdrawal receive appropriate treatment during their absence from the University. Ask all mental health providers to complete the Mental Health Provider Report Form and return it to the Counseling Center. In the case of physical illness, ask your physician to complete the Health Provider Report Form and return it to the Health Center.
  3. Schedule an appointment with the Counseling Center Director or the Health Center Director (or designee), as appropriate, to discuss your return. Note that the Provider Report Form(s) must be received before this appointment can be held.
  4. The Dean will be advised if there are any substantial reasons that a return to campus is inadvisable.
  5. The Dean will contact you regarding arranging for your return (i.e. classes, housing) and any conditions that may be required.

Medical Withdrawal or Course Load Reduction Flow Chart

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