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Belly Dance Circle

Belly Dance CircleBelly dance, also called Raks Sharqui, is a celebration of strength and beauty of women, although through the years and evolution of this dance form, it has also come to include men as well. The SU Belly Dance Circle promotes Raks Sharqui as an art form, and helps to build self-esteem and confidence in dancers. The club teaches many different styles of the dance, ranging from folkloric moves to more modern cabaret to the quirky moves of tribal fusion. Throughout the academic year the organization puts on several group performances, and also encourages dancers to choreograph solo pieces.

Represented Majors:

Creative writing

Student Perspective:

"Belly Dance Circle has given me so much more confidence in and outside of dance. I've created so many bonds with so many people through bellydance. It's a fun way to work out and in the end, the performances make you feel so amazing about how far you've come in just a semester of learning choreography. It helps you become more confident and helps you test the boundaries of your comfort zone all while meeting amazing people who are there to help you, encourage you, and ultimately, be there for you in general."

– Melissa Campbell ‘16
Psychology, Sociology  | Millersburg, Pa.

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