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Fire Safety Report

Download the 2013 Fire Safety Report (PDF document)

Fire Safety  

Fire extinguishers, fire alarm systems, and other fire prevention and protection equipment are provided in university buildings as a safeguard for lives and property. Tampering with fire bells, alarms, extinguishers, hoses, exit signs, instruction signs, sprinkler systems and the rendering of a false alarm are all prohibited. Individuals are required to vacate a building when a fire alarm sounds or when asked to do so by university officials.


The Department of Public Safety conducts regular fire drills in the residence halls and other buildings. 

Residence life staff receive training on fire safety matters and also conduct training for students for their specific living unit at the beginning of each academic year.

Emergency Procedures placards are placed in each residence hall room and all other buildings.

Additional safety training for students can be scheduled for residence halls through residence life and public safety.

Reporting of Fire Incidents

The Department of Public Safety is to be notified of any fire incidents on or around campus. Notification should be made to Public Safety at 570-372-4444. The Department of Public Safety maintains a fire log of all fire incidents that occur on on-campus housing facilities. 

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