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Fire Safety Violations and Prohibitions in Residence Halls

Summary information regarding fire safety violations and prohibitions may be found at: http://www.susqu.edu/studentlife/Handbook.asp under residence life policies.

Electrical Appliances

Reflecting fire safety and electrical concerns, residents are limited in the use of electric appliances and cooking devices.

  1. Prohibited items include, but are not limited to: air conditioners, microwave ovens, portable heating units of any kind (unless provided by Facilities Management) and refrigerators over five cubic feet.
  2. Some kitchen appliances, including hot plates, toasters, coffee machines, electric frying pans, broilers and griddles, may be stored and used in kitchens/kitchenette areas of residence halls at the owner's risk. Kitchen appliances may not be stored or used in residence hall rooms. Appliances should be unplugged and restored immediately after use.

Fire Safety Restrictions

  1. No fabric may be hung from ceilings or draped on walls or over doorways.
  2. Halogen lamps are prohibited.
  3. Miniature decoration lights (i.e. Christmas lights, novelty lights) cannot be attached to room fixtures using metal fasteners (white adhesive putty is recommended) or used in any other manner contrary to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  4. All candles (new or burnt wick), open flames and the burning of incense are prohibited and will result in the confiscation and/or disposal of the item in question.
  5. Placement of furniture cannot block easy exit from the room.
  6. The possession or use of fireworks on university premises is prohibited. Fireworks are defined as any substance prepared for the purpose of producing a visible or audible effect by combustion, explosion or detonation. This prohibition does not apply to university-approved fireworks displays by a licensed, certified and insured pyrotechnician.


All campus buildings (including residence halls) are completely smoke-free. Those who smoke outside of campus buildings are asked to stay more than 50 feet from an entrance or window and are asked to use the ashtrays that are located outside building entrances for the disposal of cigarettes and cigars.

Fire Safety

Fire extinguishers, fire alarm systems and other fire prevention and protection equipment are provided in university buildings as a safeguard for lives and property. Tampering with fire bells, alarms, extinguishers, hoses, exit signs, instruction signs, sprinkler systems and the rendering of a false alarm are all prohibited. Individuals are required to vacate a building when a fire alarm sounds or when asked to do so by university officials.

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