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Women's Volleyball Club

The Women’s Volleyball Club team is a part of the Northeastern Women's Volleyball Club (NWVCL). The team strives to be just barely a step below the varsity team in competitiveness, and holds drills and practices accordingly. The overall purpose is to educate and further the skills incoming students already have in the sport. The club targets any students who have a passion for the game, but are not already committed to the varsity team.

Represented Majors:

International Studies

Student Perspective:

"I am impressed with the dedication and determination of the girls on this team. That is what makes this group so exceptional. We are a great group of dedicated girls, who believe we can achieve, and work through anything as a team. I feel that myself, along with many of my teammates, have already greatly improved our skills in a single semester. It is a great program, and I am happy to have such an active part in it."

— Kelly Miller '12
Elementary Education  |  Pittsburgh, Pa.

Organization Video

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