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Anime & Manga Association

The Anime & Manga Association deals with, in every way, the love of anime and manga. Whether it is through the club's regular meetings, which include watching various animes, or allowing participants to choose a manga to read on manga game nights. Everyone is offered an equal chance to join based upon their love for anime, manga, or even Asian culture. The exploration into anime and manga through this club is both entertaining and educational.

Represented Majors:

Students in the Anime & Magna Association

Creative Writing 
Graphic Design 
International Studies

Student Perspective:

"This club is about more than anime and manga to me. I have loved anime since I was in the fourth grade and then manga followed soon after. I am always wanting to know what more and more anime and manga titles are. This club is perfect for that. We have a great time learning and connecting one anime to another, making sure that our favorite anime is shown and that everyone gets a chance to share what they love. We play a game every week to decide who is showing their anime the next week. It's a perfect way to make sure that everyone's favorites are recognized and out there for someone else to watch. Plus maybe watching/reading a genre that you've never encountered before could lead you to your next favorite anime or manga."

– Mary-Kate Sims ‘11 
Creative Writing Major, Advertising Minor | Jamison, Pa.

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