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SU Slam

Club members pose at literary death matchSU Slam is a free verse slam poetry group at Susquehanna University. The group believes in the power of the spoken word and the members are dedicated to giving a voice to anyone willing to use one. 

Every meeting typically has a theme or a highlighted slam poet. The group watches videos by slammers in the real world such as Saul Williams, Taylor Mali, Beau Sia, Andrea Gibson, Zora Howard, Big Poppa E, and many more. While "slam" refers to a specific kind of poetry, there are millions of different variations and SU Slam does its best to cover as many as possible. 

All poetry is personal and you'll find out sooner or later that slam is especially so. Because of this, SU Slam tries to emphasize a carefree and relaxed environment where everyone can be comfortable enough to perform.

Represented Majors:

Creative Writing
Secondary Education
Studio Art
Theatre Performance

Student Perspective:

"Slam poetry is something we wanted to bring to campus because of its immediate energy and because of the platform that it provides for any and all voices to be heard. SU Slam is a great place to put yourself out there. You will learn to trust in the power of honesty, in the support of your fellow members and really, to just trust in yourself and get comfortable with yourself. You don't have to be a writing major or have any prior experience in writing to be in the group. All you need is confidence in what you have to say."

— Julie Brown ’13 
Creative Writing – English | Cheshire, Conn.

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