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Religious and Spiritual Life Council

The Religious and Spiritual Life Council (RSLC) is the umbrella organization that seeks to promote communication between the 10 religious organizations on campus. Representatives from each group gather bi-weekly to discuss issues or events coming to campus that impact all the groups as a whole, and to share news regarding the activities of each individual organization.

RSLC sponsors the Multi-Faith Gathering that happens around Thanksgiving each year. The event gives the members of all the organizations that it represents an opportunity to gather and share an activity that their group engages in. RSLC also holds a potluck at the end of the academic year.

Religious Life Council

Represented Majors:

Art History
Computer Science
Creative Writing
Elementary Education
international Studies
Music Education
Religious Studies

Student Perspective:

"I like being a member of the Religious and Spiritual Life Council because it gives religious life a chance to improve and bond through communicating with one another. I love that we are all there because we feel strongly about our faith regardless of what our faith is."

— Zach Bishop, '16
Business | Camp Hill, Pa.

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