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SU Sports Business Club

The SU Sports Business Club was just recently founded in 2010. The club is dedicated to learning all the aspects of the sports industry. Club members learn about different occupations in the field and will learn from the very people who have the experience. Networking is the most vital part of getting your foot in the door and by there is a chance to make many contacts in the region and possibly the entire state. Even if you have to start small, you have to be dedicated and persistent to get where you want to be. By learning from the various speakers we will have, we will know what it takes to get the job of your dreams.

Represented Majors:

Global Management
Human Resources

Student Perspective:

"Our club is still trying to take off but we've had a guest speaker and he was very informative. With more speakers and some possible trips to come, our newly formed club has tons of potential."

— Ethan Rieker '12
Entrepreneurship | Lancaster, Pa.

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