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SU Fighters for Arthritis (SUFA)

SU Fighters for Arthritis (SUFA) is one of the newer clubs on campus. The organization's mission is to make the Susquehanna community aware that arthritis is a disease that not only affects the elderly, but also afflicts children. In addition, it is our mission to raise money for the Arthritis Foundation to support the treatment and research of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, as well as arthritis in general. SUFA plans to start an annual 5K run/ walk this year to promote awareness and raise money for the Arthritis Foundation. SUFA members also take a trip each year to the Lehigh Valley to attend the Jingle Bell Run 5K run/ walk.

Represented Majors:

Graphic design
Theatre/ production and design

Student Perspective:

"SUFA has given me the opportunity to meet new people and raise money for a great cause that means so much to me!"

— Courtney Rust '13
Elementary and Early Child Education | Bethlehem, Pa.

Organization Video

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