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A Parent's Guide to the Student Conduct System

Students repeatedly indicate that parents are a top influence on their decisions. When it comes to their conduct, extra conversations about your expectations may take only a few minutes but go a long way when it comes to the decisions they will make in socializing both on and off campus.  

For example, while 85 percent of our students believe alcohol is central to having a successful social life, only 63 percent of our students actually choose to drink. This shows a disconnection between their perception of their peers and the actual behavior happening on campus. We hope to reinforce that, if students choose to drink, this decision is congruent with their own values instead of what they think other students are doing. This decision should also be congruent with their family’s values and the policies Susquehanna University has in place to address behaviors that violate policies.

We will hold students accountable for their actions if they violate on-campus policies or it is brought to our attention that they have violated federal, state or local laws (this includes 21+ year-old students drinking excessively or putting themselves or others in danger). As an institution of higher education, we are committed to providing necessary outreach if applicable as well as helping students reflect on what is at stake for them when it comes to their future goals and personal development.  

Peers are also a powerful resource for shaping behaviors. This is why we promote positive bystander behavior. This means students holding one another accountable for their actions, as well as intervening if a peer has had too much to drink, is in a dangerous situation, or could benefit from a referral to an on-campus resource such as the Health Center, Counseling Center or the Center for Academic Achievement.

We often hear that families have in-depth conversations after a problem or policy violation occurs. We encourage you to have these conversations earlier and often in order to make the greatest impact. Your child will continue to face new challenges and your new advice and expectations matter. Plan on having continuous conversations throughout the year!

For more information on the Student Conduct System, please see The Student Handbook.

Kegan Moesta

Kegan Moesta '16

Kegan Moesta '16

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