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Office of the Chaplain

Christmas Candlelight Video

Video: Christmas Candlelight Service

Experience Susquehanna's popular holiday tradition. Watch the entire service, recorded in 2011. More »

The Rev. Scott KershnerA Welcome from the Chaplain


As chaplain, I welcome you into religious and spiritual life at Susquehanna and the many opportunities for service, worship, community and learning.

At Susquehanna, religious and spiritual life is as diverse as the student body. While the university is affiliated with the Lutheran Church (ELCA), members of the Susquehanna community come from many religious traditions or no tradition at all. We embrace and celebrate this diversity, believing that in so doing we nourish the life of the spirit and journey more deeply into our shared humanity.

The ministry of the chaplain’s office is grounded in the commitment that each of us is called to use our gifts and talents—our lives—in service to others, particularly the most vulnerable among us. The word vocation comes from the Latin vocare, to call. Discovering your calling means listening: to your own heart, to the wisdom of others and to the needs of the world.

Whatever path you find yourself on, as chaplain, I will be a resource and fellow traveler as you listen for your calling and discover within you the courage and joy to live it out.

In peace,

The Rev. Scott M. Kershner


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