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Student Staff

Deacon of Worship 

Victoria Doll ’17
Selinsgrove, Pa.

Deacon of Service

Amy Sowers ’15
Hanover, Pa.
Theatre-Performance Emphasis; French

Deacon of Spiritual Nurture

Katie McCoy ’15 
Freehold, N.J.
Music Education-Vocal

Deacon of Social & Environmental Justice

Wesley McDonald ’17
International Studies-Comparative Cultural Studies
Transfer, Pa.

Student Assistant to the Chaplain

Melani McLean ’15
Fort Gratriot, Mich.
Religion and creative writing double major, Jewish Studies minor

Student Assistant for Chapel Music

Alethea Khoo ’17
Macungie, Pa.
Music Performance-Keyboard

Student Assistant to the Chapel Choir

Sarah C. White ’16
Johnson, N.Y.
Music Education-Instrumental

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