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Tuesday Night Watch

Tuesday Night Watch is a group that meets every Tuesday at 10 pm. in Weber's Horn Meditation Chapel.

TNW CandleTuesday Night Watch (TWN) is run by the Deacon of Worship. In the past this group has met to discuss current events, the  theological implications in popular films, and studied scripture with a musical reflection. This year the meetings will feature the Prayer Around the Cross; a contemplative service that originated at Holden Village, a Lutheran retreat center in Washington State. Every two weeks, there is an activity night that features games and Bible readings.

Though the topic of discussion may change each academic year, each meeting still opens with members sharing high and low points of their week and ends in prayer.


Represented Majors:

Creative writing
International Studies
Religious Studies


Student Perspective:

"I enjoy going every Tuesday night to TNW. After having a rough day, or even a normal day, it's nice to talk with some friends and study the Word of God"

— Rebecca Abel '17

Sociology | Derry, NH.

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