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Civic Engagement

Students participating in a volunteer projectAlong with achievement and leadership, service has been central to Susquehanna University's mission. Before classes even begin, first-year students have opportunities with SU SPLASH and SU GIVE to team up with other Susquehanna students in making the world a better place, one service hour at a time.

Throughout their time at Susquehanna, a commitment to civic engagement takes students far. They may find themselves rubbing elbows with politicians, paddling the river with environmentalists, or even travelling to distant countries on university service-learning trips. Campus and local opportunities abound, as well.

Above all, engaged students grow as active, informed citizens of their communities and of the world.

SU Serve Highlights

Susquehanna University students are committed to service. Each spring, students join university faculty, staff and alumni in Susquehanna Engaging in Regional Volunteer Experiences (SU SERVE).

Students Serving on a Hurricane Relief Team Trip

Life-changing experiences in New Orleans

The nationally recognized Hurricane Relief Team (HRT) makes three trips each year, allowing students to volunteer in Katrina-affected areas of New Orleans.

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