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Student Handbook

Letter from the Vice President


Dear Susquehanna Student,

The 2014-2015 Student Handbook is the guide to your rights and responsibilities as a Susquehanna student. The Code of Student Conduct, found within the handbook, lays out the expectations for being a member of the Susquehanna community. Please read this document carefully and if you have any questions about a policy or procedure, please ask a member of the student life staff for clarification. You are responsible for understanding our community standards and ignorance of a policy is not an acceptable excuse for violating it. The course catalog is an equally important source of university policies, expectations and deadlines, especially those related to the academic program. You should become familiar with it as well.

We are committed to your learning and want to help you get the most out of your time at Susquehanna. To do so, we invite you to take advantage of the countless opportunities for engagement, leadership and support. You can enhance the quality, value and enjoyment of your Susquehanna experience by becoming actively engaged with the resources that are available to assist you. Along with understanding your rights and responsibilities of being a member of the SU community, you should also understand your rights and resources under Title IX. Look for ongoing educational opportunities throughout the year to learn more about how you can be an active bystander to respond to incidents of discrimination and bias. As SU’s Statement on Diversity and Inclusiveness states, SU is committed “to being an engaged, culturally inclusive campus.” I know you will join me in upholding this standard for yourself and others.

While at SU, you’ll find many opportunities for leadership and fun through varsity, intramural, and club athletics, co- and extra-curricular clubs and programs, and opportunities to serve and connect with causes that interest you on the local, national and global level. On behalf of the Division of Student Life, have a great year!


Lisa Scott

Vice President for Student Engagement and Success

Note: The Student Handbook and its policies are reviewed and revised annually. For the most up-to-date policies, be sure to review the student handbook at the beginning of each academic year.

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