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The Susquehanna University Press is on hiatus and is not accepting manuscripts.

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History of SU Press

The Susquehanna University Press was established in 1944 with a modest grant from an area physician. By affiliating with Associated University Presses in 1981, Susquehanna became one of the smallest universities in the country to have an ongoing and active press. It seeks to publish books from throughout the arts and sciences, but primarily from within the humanities and social sciences. While the editoral board is willing to consider manuscripts in the fine arts and business, SU Press does not publish textbooks, or highly technical mathematical, or scientific works.

Susquehanna University Press is proud to maintain the traditional and highly respected role of being an outlet for scholarly books of distinction. The commercial question is never asked in our committee deliberations; instead, we ask, "Does this particular manuscript make a significant contribution to scholarship?" Our only goal is to contribute to the advancement of knowledge and understanding.

We publish books that participate in recent ongoing conversations about scholarly issues, and that offer new insights on traditional materials. Scholarship for us, however, means not just what is of current topical interest, but an exploration of ideas that will have lasting value. We are particularly interested in publishing works on authors and in fields that have not received sufficient critical attention in the immediate past and works that pertain to minority cultures and perspectives. In addition, we seek to extend the possibilities of publication to scholars outside the United States and United Kingdom in an effort to move away from the hegemony of Anglo-American scholarship. In extending our range of publications to include international scholars and those working in lesser known areas, we declare ourselves dedicated to valuing scholarship in all its variety and diversity.

Our range of vision extends far, but it does not ignore the local region. Publishing books on the history and culture of Pennsylvania is an important goal of the Press. Additionally, we seek to establish vital links with members of the local community in order to publish books that will serve the community at the same time as they advance the state of scholarly knowledge about Pennsylvania. Susquehanna University Press hopes to belong as much within the local community as it does within the scholarly community around the world.