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Photo of Kim Andretta Kim Andretta
Associate Director for Gift Planning
Phone: 570-372-4042
Email: andretta@susqu.edu
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Steve Briggs, M.S.
Advancement Officer
Phone: 570-372-4123
Email: briggs@susqu.edu
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Photo of Bradley Brown Bradley Brown
Assistant Director of Susquehanna University Fund
Phone: 570-372-4565
Email: brownb@susqu.edu
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Photo of Janet Bucher Janet Bucher
Data Entry Support Specialist - FT
Phone: 570-372-4746
Email: bucherj1@susqu.edu
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Kelly Marie Bugden
Mgr of Communications for Alumni, Parent, & Donor Engagement
Phone: 570-372-4561
Email: bugden@susqu.edu
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Photo of Ron Cohen Ron Cohen
Vice President for University Relations
Phone: 570-372-4103
Email: cohen@susqu.edu
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Photo of Becky Deitrick Becky Deitrick
Assistant VP of Alumni, Parent & Donor Engagement
Phone: 570-372-4015
Email: deitrick@susqu.edu
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Photo of Meg Dresser Meg Dresser
Senior Advancement Researcher
Phone: 570-372-4101
Email: dresser@susqu.edu
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Photo of Pam Heim Pam Heim
Administrative Assistant, Development Research
Phone: 570-372-4106
Email: heimp@susqu.edu
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Photo of Jennifer Hoffman Jennifer Hoffman
Senior Administrative Assistant to the VP for Univ Rel
Phone: 570-372-4527
Email: hoffmanj@susqu.edu
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Photo of Leslie Imhoof Leslie Imhoof
Assistant Director of Susquehanna University Fund
Phone: 570-372-4156
Email: imhoofl@susqu.edu
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Photo of Susan Kreisher Susan Kreisher
Assoc Dir of Alumni Relations & Dir of Parent Relations
Phone: 570-372-4116
Email: kreishers@susqu.edu
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Stephen Lambert
Advancement Researcher
Phone: 570-372-4420
Email: lamberts@susqu.edu
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Photo of Chris A. Markle Chris A. Markle
Senior Development Officer
Phone: 570-372-4155
Email: marklec@susqu.edu
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Photo of Mary Elaine Muolo Mary Elaine Muolo
Director of Donor Relations & Stewardship
Phone: 570-372-4446
Email: muolo@susqu.edu
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Photo of Vickie M. Norman Vickie M. Norman
Administrative Assistant to AVP & Planned Giving
Phone: 570-372-4449
Email: norman@susqu.edu
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Victor E. Northern
Advancement Officer
Phone: 570-372-4592
Email: northern@susqu.edu
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Photo of Chris Praul, M.S. Chris Praul, M.S.
Director of Advancement Services
Phone: 570-372-4407
Email: praul@susqu.edu
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Photo of Devin Lee Rhoads Devin Lee Rhoads
Assoc Dir of Alumni Relations & Dir of Parent Relations
Phone: 570-372-4570
Email: rhoadsd@susqu.edu
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Photo of Kristen P. Ritzman Kristen P. Ritzman
Assistant Director of Advancement Services
Phone: 570-372-4556
Email: ritzman@susqu.edu
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Photo of Cynthia Jo Scholl Cynthia Jo Scholl
Administrative Assistant, SU Fund
Phone: 570-372-4117
Email: cscholl@susqu.edu
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Photo of Douglas C. Seaberg Douglas C. Seaberg
Assistant VP for Gift Planning
Phone: 570-372-4408
Email: seaberg@susqu.edu
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Photo of Michelle L. Sears Michelle L. Sears
Administrative Assistant for Gift Planning
Phone: 570-372-4102
Email: searsm@susqu.edu
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Photo of Susan Jean Shaffer Susan Jean Shaffer
Gift Recorder
Phone: 570-372-4405
Email: shaffers@susqu.edu
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Photo of Jodi L. Swartz Jodi L. Swartz
Administrative Assistant, Alumni Relations
Phone: 570-372-4115
Email: swartzj@susqu.edu
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