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Support Susquehanna

Support Susquehanna

Students on campusSince its founding in 1858, Susquehanna University has advanced and achieved because donors have been generous in their support.

It began with an initial gift from the App family of Selinsgrove that provided the land upon which the university sits. For more than 150 years, members of the local community have been joined in their support of Susquehanna by: 

  • Graduates
  • Parents
  • Businesses
  • Foundations
  • Friends

Each gift was a generous investment in Susquehanna’s people, programs and facilities. And today, the university’s dynamic faculty and dedicated staff deliver a superb undergraduate education in which student learning and development are the chief aims.

No college or university can afford to stand still. Students and families demand and expect a Susquehanna degree to have increasing value in the marketplace. Alumni also benefit from their alma mater’s expanding reputation.

The ongoing work of advancing Susquehanna requires significant investments in all aspects of the university. We appreciate that so many donors choose to make gifts that support excellence, opportunity and progress.

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