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The Arts at Susquehanna

And whether you’re an art, music, creative writing or theatre major, or you just want to flex your artistic chops, opportunities abound.


Our graphic design program consistently produces finalists in national competitions. When they leave Susquehanna, they are prepared to assume leading roles in design firms and industry. Music students can participate in any of the 12 vocal and instrumental groups that perform on and off campus—everything from choral and chamber music to jazz ensembles.

Theatre students perform one-act plays, Shakespearean classics and popular musicals. Creative writers polish their craft in intimate workshops, test their verse in poetry slams and show their prose in such literary journals as Susquehanna’s RiverCraft, Essay or The Susquehanna Review.

Supporting the creative process are state-of-the-art performance venues and committed faculty. The Degenstein Center Theater is a 450-seat hall with workshops for producing scenes and costumes. The Cunningham Center is home to Stretansky Concert Hall, a magnificent 320-seat venue for music recitals and concerts. For much larger productions, Weber Chapel Auditorium seats 1,500 and hosts guest lecturers and visiting artists. Art students have opportunities to exhibit their work in the Lore Degenstein Gallery, which also hosts major works of professional artists.

Whatever your muse, whether you are behind the scenes or center stage, know that Susquehanna is prepared to give you the experience of your life.


What Is Susquepedia?

Suhs-kwuh-pee-dee-uh (n): A collection of experiences, topics, and personalities that makes Susquehanna University unique.

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