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The London Program

Experience global business in Europe

In recent years, more than half of Susquehanna’s business majors have spent one  semester of their junior year in London, and for good reason: If you’re  interested in engaging in business in the 21st century, the global perspective that the London Program offers is incomparable.

You’ll live and study in one of the world’s great capitals on the doorstep of the European Union. You’ll take academically rigorous business courses that include guest lecturers and tours of a wide range of businesses and industries throughout the continent. In England, that could be Lloyd’s of London, the BBC, world-class retailers, and a historic local brewery. Farther abroad, you may explore enterprises in Italy, Germany or France. A recent group of students flew to Geneva to familiarize themselves with the International Red Cross, the European headquarters of the UN and Goldman Sachs Swiss Bank, where they met Carlos Albertotti ’97, the executive director of Goldman’s Latin American division.

You will be engaged in active learning and research. You will analyze the operations and competitors of a Czech business—perhaps an online flower retailer, a tea producer or the manufacturer of fine leaded glass crystal—culminating with your team’s in-person presentation of suggested strategies to the company’s executives in Prague.

Because business at Susquehanna isn’t just about business, you’ll also take courses that expose you to Britain’s history, culture and its nonpareil theater scene. Learning about the partition of the Indian subcontinent? You’ll probably get a chance to do so in a Pakistani restaurant in London’s Brick Lane neighborhood.

Combined with ample time to explore Britain and other European countries on your own, you’ll return to Susquehanna a changed person. You’ll be far more cognizant of the international implications of business decisions. And you will possess an enhanced set of skills that will put you at ease with others, no matter where in the world you might be in your future career.

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