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Tracy Januzzi '07

Finance | Arlington, Va.

Tracy Januzzi '07 always wanted to become a lawyer. The path to that profession, however, was not as clear.

Januzzi came to Susquehanna "completely by chance," as a transfer student from a larger university.

"Susquehanna provided that warm, traditional college experience in addition to having fascinating, knowledgeable professors and incredible resources," she says.

After graduating magna cum laude in May 2010 from law school at the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C., Januzzi is quick to recognize the ways in which Susquehanna prepared her for the rigors of law school.

"Because of Susquehanna's small classes, I learned to constantly enter into a dialog with my professors and classmates. In law school, professors call on you whether you are prepared or not, and you are expected to engage in a back-and-forth argument or discussion. I was used to sitting in class with about 15 other students and a professor, so I was not at all uncomfortable when I was asked to speak and to state my position," Januzzi says.

Januzzi majored in finance at Susquehanna, a program that trained her in the type of thinking needed to do well in law school. "Anyone can understand the language of the law when it is taught to them, but it is being able to think about it critically, to analyze it and to spot the issues that may arise in various situations that make you a successful law student."

At Susquehanna, Januzzi was engaged in multiple activities and held various leadership roles, but it was her experience in the London Program that really helped her define her goals for the future. "The program encouraged me to consider the study of business from a global perspective," says Januzzi.

"I came back from the London Program with such an increased awareness of the world and business and an insatiable desire to one day go back and live abroad," she says.

Januzzi is licensed to practice law in Virginia, where she currently resides. She is in the midst of a one-year federal clerkship, serving as a law clerk to the Honorable Christine O.C. Miller at the United States Court of Federal Claims in Washington, D.C. She will join the Washington, D.C., office of international law firm Hogan Lovells LLP, as an associate attorney in October 2012.

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