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WQSU The Pulse, the radio voice of SU, provides a range of programming from all types of music to coverage of student athletic events. For those interested in communications and broadcasting, the station presents an opportunity to hone the kinds of skills they’ll need to get behind the microphone or in front of the camera some day.

Codi Heath ’11 got involved because it offered the communications major practical experience that is otherwise hard to come by. Then she discovered the joy of creating her own show and playing the kind of classic rock she enjoys: the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, Janis Joplin.

“You don’t get to choose your own music at the big commercial stations,” Heath says. “But as a DJ here, you’re pretty much in control.”  

That student control results in wide offerings from blues, country, jazz, indie and alt rock, bluegrass, reggae, metal or electronic music and round table talk shows on topical issues.

WQSU is the third most powerful college radio station in the state and reaches nearly a third of Pennsylvania. In 2008 the station was completely renovated and much of the used equipment was upgraded to new, state-of-the-art equipment and materials, including a new digitalized soundboard. The on-air studio, “fish bowl” guest studio and production rooms were completely overhauled, making WQSU one of the best-equipped student activity centers on campus.

Heath’s personal experience has grown from playing music to overseeing the station as operations manager. She now schedules on-air talent, runs meetings with the staff and coordinates all the parts that have to work together for the station to say on the air. As with so many extracurricular activities, the experience is beneficial, but it’s also fun.

What Is Susquepedia?

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