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Study Away Bloggers

For a number of Susquehanna students each semester, their classroom is the world. Read blogs written by Susquehanna students detailing their GO experiences as their semesters progressed.


Wanderlust TalesFlorence, Italy

Katie Patschke '15
International Studies and Anthropology
Where: Florence, Italy
Why: "I chose to go to Florence, Italy, because of the art and culture.  My favorite thing about being there was the lifestyle, they had an appreciation for food, fashion, and life.  Florence is a beautiful city filled with history and elegance.  Travelling was easy if you wanted to get away on weekends but the city itself had so much to offer that I could have loved to have had a longer semester to spend more time in it.  Florence is an amazing place to study abroad and I would recommend it to anyone!"


Aix-en-ProvenceIAU College Featured Blogger

Allison Brown '15
Where: Aix-en-Provence, France
French Language & Culture GO Short Program
"I already knew that I was in love with the French language when I chose this trip, and that I would probably love the culture as well.  I never expected to fall so much in love with Aix, and the south of France in general.  It has to be one of the most beautiful and enchanting places on Earth.  But perhaps the best part about this trip is that I never stop learning.  Every day I discover something new, even if it's just a new word.  Living in Aix for six weeks has made me feel almost like a local, but knowing I still have so much more to learn makes me curious and excited to continue to uncover more about this incredible city and country."


My Adventures in The GambiaThe Gambia

Emily Crawford '15

Major: Sociology

Where: Banjul, The Gambia

Why: "I chose to study in The Gambia because I figured visiting West Africa would challenge me to think in new ways and to re-evaluate the ways in which many Americans often view Africa. Everyday in The Gambia is a new adventure, whether in an urban center, a bustling market, a family compound, an upriver village, or the university campus!"




Ma Vie en FranceMa Vie en France

Carolyn Wert '14
French Education
Where: Strasbourg, France
BCA Strasbourg

Turkish DelightsTurkey 2012 Blog

Molly Bogart '13
Political Science
Where: Istanbul, Turkey
Why: "I chose Istanbul because I wanted to explore and experience a place with which I had no familiarity.  Turkey is also often considered the bridge between the East and the West, which creates interesting political and social dynamics.  It was really fascinating to study there, especially as a political science major with an interest in sociology.  I learned a lot about how the way in which we study places foreign to us can shape our perspective and about the importance (and difficulty) of intercultural communication."

Home is RelativeLondon 2012 Blog

Kara Brammer '13
Major: Creative Writing
Where: London
Why: "I chose London because of the history and the reputation.  As a literary student, I was attracted to the setting of all the classic novels I had read.  I wanted to see my fictional image of the city come to life.  London has the reputation of being a lively, diversified city, and it did not disappoint!"



 One Hundred Thousand Words and Welcomesblog Scotland

Sara Kern '13
Major: History
Where: Stirling, Scotland
Why: "I chose Scotland for a number of reasons. I wanted to go to an English-speaking country so that I could go to an actual university. Scotland was culturally different, yet I could still speak the language. In addition to that, the location of Scotland was great, as it allowed me ot visit other areas of the UK, as well as Europe. More than anything, though, Scotland is a beautiful country and I wanted the opportunity to explore that country first hand, not only by travelling around, but by hiking and exploring."

Sara, the AussieAustralia Blog

Sara Saltzman '13
Elementary Education
Where: Sydney, Australia
Why: "Part of my decision to attend Susquehanna was because of the cross-cultural requirement; specifically, going on a semester abroad. I had always planned on spending that semester in Australia.  Australia is the perfect place to continue my academic program because it gives me the opportunity to learn about international classrooms.  I wanted to live abroad for a semester and be immersed in a culture in the hope of teaching a classroom full of cross-cultural understanding.  With my past experiences and knowledge of travelling, I felt prepared to study in Australia and expand my understanding of my major fields of study and interests."

Living in London

Valarie Duquette '12
Where: London
Regent's American College in London

Jackie the Conquistadora

Jacqueline Newell '12
International Studies, Spanish
Where: Alicante, Spain
CC-CS Alicante

Mangia, mangia!

Natalie Cicioni '12
Where: Rome, Italy
Why: "I chose to study away in Rome for multiple reasons. First, I never have been to Europe, and I figured that this would be the perfect time for me to go. I was very intrigued by the idea of exploring a new place for a whole semester. Second, my grandfather was from Italy and I wanted to meet some of my family over there and explore my heritage. It was a big leap to decide to leave the country for four months and become a foreigner, but I'm sure it will be the experience of a lifetime. You only live once and there is so much in the world that I want to explore. I'm glad I get to start at the young age of 20."

The Way I See It

Image taken in Mendoza by Melissa Starr BoudryeMelissa Starr Boudrye '12
 Communications, Spanish 
Where: Mendoza, Argentina
Why: “Throughout my life I have always seen the importance of pushing myself out of my comfort zone I feel that it is so incredibly vital to my growth as a substantial person to do things that are outside of my normal routine. So I decided Mendoza, Argentina was the right place for me, primarily because I have no idea what to expect going there. I am going to be a pioneer for my university as I am the only one going to Mendoza this semester and I know not one person going to South America. So this is my opportunity for a completely foreign experience and that is why I chose to study in Mendoza—to have a unique adventure all to my own.”

Dancing Lessons

Image taken in Ghana by Destiny ArturetDestiny Arturet '12
Major: Philosophy, International Studies
Where: Ghana
Why: "I chose to study abroad in Ghana because I have never been to Africa and may never be able to go to Africa later in life--it will be a once in a lifetime experience. Ghana is completely out of my realm of knowledge and is nothing like anywhere I've ever been. This is what excites me the most! Being immersed in a totally foreign world not only excites me but intrigues me because there will be so much that I have to learn, experience, see and become accustomed to. I'm most excited to meet new people, taste new foods and learn about myself.

While I am in Ghana, I also hope to move my academic career to a more focused aspect of international studies. Most of all, I want to experience the small wonders of a new country: play soccer with children in the street, eat spicy food with only my right hand since eating with your left hand is considered disrespectful, experience summer through December, go on an African safari, dance to Ghanaian music and do as many things as I possibly can there."

The American Man in Japan
Image taken in Tokyo by Scott Polhemus

Scott Polhemus '12
Major: Writing
Where: Tokyo, Japan 
Why: "Japan has always been a country of interest since first watching Akira Kurosawa's 1954 cinematic classic, The Seven Samurai. Also, years of growing up during the Pokémon craze and the expansion of the predominantly Japanese video game market have only further piqued my interest in exploring Japan. When I realized that most of my friends would be travelling to Europe I decided I wanted something different; and once I realized that Japan was a viable option I labored to make the dream a reality. And finally, I figured, what better way to learn more about myself and a distant land than to travel there alone, and be assimilated into their culture in order to survive."


Image taken in Prague by Andrew GnanAndrew Gnan '12
Major: Psychology
Where: Prague, Czech Republic 
Why: "The fact that Prague is not a popular study abroad destination is what I find so special about my decision. I want to rely on myself, the citizens, and the other students in my program. Not only do I believe going with a fellow Susquehanna student could be distracting, I also feel that students need to venture to less explored territory. People keep asking if being the only Susquehanna University student in this CIEE program makes me nervous. It actually feels quite liberating .... Finding a destination that had a homestay option, which would get me more immersed in the culture, was very important to me, and I was pleased to find that I would have this option in Prague. Lastly, the CIEE program also offered psychology courses that I’ve never seen elsewhere, such as “Psychoanalysis and Art”, which I hope will benefit my educational experience overall."

Metropolitan Musings 

Image taken in Washington, D.C. by Kenneth LakesKenneth Lakes '11
Major: History
Where: Washington, D.C. 
Why: "Originally, I had intended on studying abroad in Europe, but the requirements I had to complete at Susquehanna, specifically my senior thesis, required me to remain close to, if not at, Susquehanna University. I had given up on the concept of studying away until one day, my friend mentioned the Lutheran College Washington Semester. After researching the program, I realized that it would be feasible to complete my requirements at SU and still study away. Studying in Washington, D.C., was also appealing due to the inherent bond between the program and my focus at Susquehanna. The courses are politically oriented, and the internships I have applied to are related to history. The program is a perfect fit for me; I can study and intern away, while still having the opportunity to return to SU during the weekends to fulfill any necessary requirements I may need to complete."

Istanbul, Etc.
The Aya Sofya

Garth Libhart '11
Major: English
Koç Üniversitesi, Istanbul
Why: "In a recent popular novel, The Historian, I came upon vibrant descriptions of Istanbul, compelling me to do further research. As I continued to read, discuss, and explore, I became more and more intrigued with this city, astounded by the way it is a bridge between not only the East and the West, but also between the ancient and the modern, the religious and the secular. Before long I had developed a powerful, almost magnetic intellectual attraction to Istanbul, and decided I would study there."

Spring Semester in Macau 2010
A-Ma Temple

Kristen Dumbeck '13
Major: Business Administration – Finance and Global Management
University of Macau, Macau
Why: "I really wanted to experience a culture unlike my own, but still continue my studies. Macau offered me the chance to live among English-speaking students throughout China and the world, but in an environment very different from Susquehanna." 

Egyptian Semester Sequential The Pyramids

Chris Sterbenz '11
Major: Political Science
Cairo University, Egypt
Why: "To take what I've learned and put it into context based on my personal experiences."


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