January 10, 2018

Torin McFarland’s interest in economics was sparked in high school, so a dual major in economics and finance was a natural fit.

“Economics assumes that people behave inherently rationally, or that they will act in ways that will result in the highest amount of satisfaction for them,” says McFarland ’17 of Pottstown, Pa. “I have always found these concepts fascinating to apply to life and my own decision-making processes.”

McFarland’s interest in the economics field, combined with the offer of an assistantship scholarship in the economics department, made Susquehanna an unbeatable match for him.

“While academics and athletics were important, there really was no contest between Susquehanna and any other college once I was offered the assistantship position with Dr. Rousu,” he explained.

McFarland is a full-time private equity analyst intern at SAP, where he calls on skills from Susquehanna classes like Corporate Financial Management and Financial Statement Analysis. He’s also a earning a master’s degree in finance at Penn State Great Valley.