August 20, 2021

Dear Students,

Please remember that in addition to your vaccination card, you are required to provide proof of a negative Covid result from a test that you take prior to arriving to campus. The test should be administered within 72 hours (about 3 days) prior to your arrival. The test is required in addition to following vaccination protocols.

You can do an at-home test. Stores, such as Walmart, sell a package of two testing kits (about $20) that you can do yourself and submit images of your results. In fact, you could benefit by doing one test immediately to make sure that you already don’t have Covid. If you do, then you could quarantine before arriving to campus.

Prior to your campus arrival, upload your test result to

If you have questions about testing or submitting your results, email

If you have a financial hardship, you can contact the Student Health Center at 570-372-4385 for assistance in securing a test.