August 10, 2022

By Haley Dittbrenner ’25

Katherine Fackler '23 Katherine Fackler ’23This summer, marketing major Katherine Fackler ’23 participated in a remote internship with Pfizer. This comes after previous experience with JGS Insurance, Utz Brands and Biotronics3D. Fackler interned with Pfizer’s marketing and sales department, combining her love of science and people.

“I wanted to work with Pfizer because they’re a cutting-edge company and I would be able to gain great experiences in the pharmaceutical world learning how to market their different products, and in my case, U.S. vaccines,” Fackler, of Hummelstown, Pennsylvania, said.

Fackler, who is minoring in professional sales, cited her business courses, study-abroad experience and professional development class with Allie Grill, director of the Career Development Center, as exceptionally helpful. Grill’s classes taught Fackler how to handle questions in an interview, what questions to ask a company, and how to maintain relationships with past employers via LinkedIn.

“I was able to discuss the experiences I had abroad and show what skills I’d be able to bring to Pfizer for the summer,” Fackler said. “I also believe that Susquehanna University’s emphasis on teamwork teaches you how to communicate with a group, ensure everyone is doing their part and handle any problems that arise in a respectful way.”

Several of Fackler’s projects involved analyzing keywords and how sales representatives use them, then working with the sales and marketing departments to develop new content for consumers. She has also created digital display ads for a brand of vaccines that will be implemented once it goes out to market. Additional responsibilities include conducting kickoff meetings, scheduling meetings with both brand marketers and sales representatives and creating marketing plans.

The obstacles Fackler had to overcome were brought on by the remote nature of the internship. “One of the biggest challenges is keeping people on top of responding to your messages and emails,” she said. “You can’t be afraid to keep reminding people about setting up a meeting time or sending a file you need for a task you’re given.”

Fackler has enjoyed numerous successes at Pfizer, including the opportunity to work with multiple brand teams through her projects. Her favorite assignments included working with sales representatives and marketers, updating keywords for search engines and conducting website enhancements and reorganization.

Fackler said her internship provided her with real-world experience pertaining to how marketers work with sales representatives. The fast-paced environment gave her the chance to practice adapting to changes quickly, whether that be in the workplace, market or industry. She also gained new insights into outreach for diverse groups of consumers and healthcare providers.

After graduation, Fackler hopes to work in the pharmaceutical industry in marketing or sales.