November 15, 2018

Small classes offer Abby Conway immediate opportunity for research and success. Abby Conway ’18

Only at a small liberal-arts college like Susquehanna would I be provided the opportunities I have as a first-year student. My computer science courses, taught by Dr. Kubota, have had a great impact on me—leading me to travel with him to an ACM Collegiate Programming Contest, a programming competition between students throughout the nation. He is a very enthusiastic faculty member, and his enthusiasm often transfers to his students.

I chose Susquehanna because I wanted a school where I wouldn’t get left behind in the crowd of thousands of students. I really enjoy the small class sizes and the ability to have such close relationships with my professors. My favorite class so far has been Calculus II with Dr. Wilce, where we are able to see the applicable side of our material—proving why certain things work—and learning the theory behind the math.

As of now, I am scheduled to do summer research with Dr. Kubota on visual processing. We have yet to work out the details of the project, however, I know other students who have been a part of his summer research programs and they have all very much enjoyed the experience.

Activities: Math Club, Psychology Club, Alpha Lambda Delta First-Year honor society, Sigma Alpha Iota fraternity, Resident Assistant (as of the 2015-2016 school year), Math Tutor