• Andrew Budsock

July 19, 2017

Ecology and German double major Andrew Budsock ’14 took a detour to Germany Andrew Budsock after graduation before entering a master’s degree program in conservation biology at Columbia University.

The Nazareth, Pa., native was honored with two prestigious awards—a Fulbright scholarship for 2014-15 and a Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange (CBYX) appointment.

While he was grateful for the Fulbright award, he instead chose to work in the Technische Universität München (TUM) lab in Germany as part of CBYX before pursuing graduate school at Columbia University.

“It felt good to get the validation after lots of hard work. The application process was riveting and definitely required a lot of work,” Budsock said of the Fulbright, but added, “I’m a science major so since I had the opportunity to get an internship and work in a lab, I had do that over the Fulbright.”

During his junior year, Budsock lived and studied in Freiberg, a city on the doorstep of the Black Forest, as part of our Global Opportunities (GO) program, where he learned a lot about sustainability.

“Freiberg was ecologically beautiful and there was lots of innovation in sustainability, ecological design and engineering,” Budsock said. “It was a really inspiring place to be as a young scientist who is interested in ecology and environmentalism. To get the cultural immersion aspect of that and learn about these things in German gives you a new perspective.”

Now, Budsock is a graduate student in conservation biology at Columbia University. His master’s degree thesis studies how the structure of forests influences streamflow in drought and non-drought conditions.