December 12, 2019

Susquehanna University’s new Admission House received the Award for Excellence from the American Institute of Architect’s Northeastern Pennsylvania chapter.

The 15,500 square-foot building was designed by architect Peter Bohlin of Bohlin Cywinski Jackson. Bohlin and his firm have designed several distinctive buildings, including the New York City Apple Store on Fifth Avenue, Bill Gates’ home in Medina, Washington, and Pixar’s headquarters in Emeryville, California.

The institute described the Admission House as creating a “more welcoming and exciting initial impression for the Office of Admission that better aligns with the university’s culture.”

The $7 million project, which was dedicated in 2017, was fully funded by contributions from Susquehanna’s Board of Trustees.

The Admission House is one of several LEED-certified buildings on campus. Design elements that support certification include:

  • Storm water management and control.
  • Reduced water use (20% less than a typical office building).
  • Water-efficient landscaping.
  • Minimum and optimized energy performance.
  • Indoor chemical and pollutant-source control.
  • Lighting control for energy management.
  • Enhanced daylight use.