February 27, 2018

Larell Scardelli ’15 has fit a lot into the few years since she graduated—student, fact checker, editorial assistant, freelance writer and even florist.

“It’s been a wonderful adventure,” she says.

After graduating from Susquehanna, the creative writing major first attended Columbia University’s summer publishing course. She then landed her first job as a fact checker at a regional magazine before snagging a “magical job” as an editorial assistant at Rodale’s Organic Life magazine.

“It was the best-fitting job I’ve had so far because everyone on the team cared deeply about the environment, gardening and food, just like me,” Scardelli says. “I made lasting friendships and learned everything from how to interview an expert to how to compost.”

The position ended when the magazine went to online-only, which opened Scardelli to the world of freelancing. Spending the next few years working for herself—and as a florist—Scardelli wrote for the digital versions of Rodale’s Organic Life, Women’s Health, Bust, Prevention and Healthline.

“Studying creative writing helped me define my voice, define my authenticity. This is huge because as a freelancer, it gets people interested in my brand and reading my next piece,” she adds.

She’s now a nutrition editorial assistant at FIRST For Women magazine and writes wellness articles on the side.

“My favorite part of this career journey so far? I get to explore and share my favorite things-natural beauty, indoor gardening, DIY, sustainability, nutrition, yoga, mental health and food,” Scardelli says.