December 17, 2015

Rob Johnson ’18 grew up in the heart of fracking country, in Elmira, N.Y, a small city on the border with Pennsylvania.

“I have seen both what fracking does to towns in northern PA and what keeping it out of western New York has done to those towns,” Johnson says.

As a frontline witness to the effects of fracking, Johnson, an environmental studies and public policy double major, wants to use his education to go to work for the Environmental Protection Agency to fight against fracking and big oil.

His passion for the environment is what attracted him to Susquehanna.

“I chose to attend Susquehanna because it had the best environmental science department of all the schools I looked at,” Johnson says.

“My favorite thing about environmental studies is that it not only allows me to learn about the world we live in, but also gives me the tools and skills necessary to help in the fight against all the environmental degradation occurring on the planet,” he adds.