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It's central to Susquehanna and central to you. Our innovative Central Curriculum is at the heart of a Susquehanna education.

Far more than general education requirements, the courses in the Central Curriculum invite you to open your mind and think differently about yourself and the world around you.

Our curriculum, including our award-winning GO program, will help you be more aware of the creative, natural, societal and cultural forces that shape the world around you. And arm you with critical skills that will make you a valuable employee in today's marketplace. 

What are learning goals?

Four distinctive learning goals guide everything we do, and the Central Curriculum is our road map for achieving our goals:

  • An awareness of creative, natural, societal and cultural forces that shape the world
  • An integrated set of intellectual skills
  • A mature understanding of self—mind, body and spirit
  • An integrated sense of personal ethical responsibility
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Central Curriculum

Courses in the Central Curriculum make up 40 percent of our graduation requirements, and they easily fit with all of our 100+ majors and minors.

The Central Curriculum contains five complementary sections:

  • Richness of Thought
  • Natural World
  • Human Interactions
  • Intellectual Skills
  • Connections

The range of courses is quite diverse, so you'll have plenty of options to expand your knowledge and gain new perspectives.

Learn more about the Central Curriculum in our course catalog.