11 Times Seibert Hall Looked Flawless

11 Times Seibert Hall Looked Flawless

May 25, 2016

With its iconic white columns, Seibert Hall is one of the most beautiful and instantly recognizable buildings on campus. It's even on the National Register of Historic Places.

And no matter the season, Seibert has this habit of, well... looking pretty darn good. So we've assembled 11 of our favorite moments of Seibert just doing what it does best—looking flawless.

1. When Seibert looked gorgeous in the snow.

Seibert Hall in the snow

Take Seibert. Add a dusting of a snow, and you get this stunning shot. Well done, Seibert. Well done.

2. When Seibert looked gorgeous in the snow... again.

Seibert Hall in the snow

Oh, who are we kidding? This list could be entirely pictures of Seibert in the snow!

3. When Seibert looked gorgeous in the snow—wait for it—at NIGHT!

Seibert Hall at night

Seibert ups the ante on the snow pictures.

4. When Seibert even upstaged a cute dog.

Dog outside Seibert Hall

Dog? What dog? Sorry, Seibert was distracting me.

5. When Seibert proved it's always been flawless.

Seibert Hall

Even its baby picture is flawless!

6. When Seibert made a classic backdrop.

Commencement at Seibert Hall

Every student should take at least one photo on the Seibert steps.

7. When Seibert invited you to pull up a chair.

Chairs by Seibert Hall

What better place to check out its flawlessness than one of these Adirondack chairs? Orange and maroon Adirondack chairs, at that.

8. When Seibert looked as flawless as the sky.

Seibert Hall

C'mon, look at that sky! Who can compete with that sky? Seibert, of course.

9. When Seibert put on its spring best.

Seibert Hall

No denying Seibert looks beautiful in the winter, but it proves its spring game is on point too.

10. When it made the best classroom on campus.

Seibert Hall

That slope was made for learning.

11. And last but not least, when Seibert glowed.

Seibert Hall at night