18 Ways You Know You Go to Susquehanna

October 21, 2014

1. You insist orange and maroon go together perfectly.

Students wearing orange and maroon

2. You start to drool when someone mentions Bongo Bongo Dip.

Bongo Bongo Dip

3. You're not afraid to admit that you've run from a squirrel... or that, at one point, you've attempted to befriend one.

Squirrel in tree

4. President Jay Lemons knows your name, and you'll never forget the day you figured that out. Or the day you found out he was on Twitter!

President Lemons and students

5. You can pronounce (and spell!) Susquehanna, and you secretly judge those who can't before you correct them.

Susquehanna sign

6. That incessant buzzing sound on a Saturday night? Oh, it's just the races. NBD.

Selinsgrove Speedway

7. You've attended a Christmas Candlelight Service and a Snoop Dogg concert in the same venue.


8. You swear that you've never smelled anything as bad as ginkgo berries... yet you will grow oddly fond of them after you graduate.

Gingko trees

9. Abaum and Deg sound like completely legitimate names for buildings.

Apfelbaum Hall

10. You don't need to climb Mt. Everest because you've climbed the stairs in Steele.


11. You've taken a picture like this.

Students on wall

12. You see someone with a Susquehanna sticker on their car and become instant BFFs.

Car with Susquehanna sticker

13. You didn't have to carry a single thing into your dorm room on your first move-in day.

Students helping on move-in day

14. Your email signature includes so many activities and organizations that it's longer than the email body.

Sorority sisters

15. You know you'll have class outside on the first warm, sunny spring day and will see pretty much everyone you know chilling out on Smith or Deg Lawn.

Class outside

16. On weekends, you eat three square meals a day-brunch, dinner and late-night Sheetz MTO.


17. You've always wanted to take one of the golf carts for a joy ride.

Golf cart

18. You love that you've become friends with your professors, as well as the people who work in the cafeteria and other staff.

Student and staff